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Celebrate TV

The spearheading company

With 17 years’ experience in creative multi-platform media productions and solutions, Manggis Group through its spearheading company, Celebrate TV has produced myriad of programs for television and digital media. It is a concept-to-consumer content creator that dwells on creating content from conceptualization to ready-to-watch content.

Apart from creating content for products, brands and promotional videos, Celebrate TV is also a media agency that helps business develop social media strategies for better reach to targeted and desired audience.

With a dynamic team, Celebrate TV is poised to grow further in near future providing state-of-the-art creative multi-platform media productions and solutions to clients comprising from individuals and startups to enterprises and corporates, with focus on niche creative productions and excellent cinematography.

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Our offerings - the solutions

Client Branding

We cater all your branding needs from video production to digital management and branding.

Digital Content

With our own digital channel, we could house a creative content with your brand collaboration into our series of digital shorts.

Production Solution

We offer a one-stop hub with the manpower and talents to suit your needs for any genre of production.

Content Distribution

With our vast network across Asia, we can help distribute your original IPs to multiple channels.

Our work

Our clients’ journey is our journey as well. Their compelling stories are embroidered in a keenest tapestry of story-telling. Hence, the gravity of content creation. Our experience is reflected in our work that captures our clients’ brands, organizations or just the riveting beautiful journeys and untold stories they want to share with the masses.

Content creation will continue to be our innate strength that we offer to our clients through varied media platforms.  In a nutshell, our experience and our work have been attested that in turn contributed to Celebratetv’s accomplishments and achievements.

Over the 17 years’ journey in this highly competitive industry, we are proud to have been involved in myriad of productions that have tested our endurance and spirit to be a game-changing organization. These productions are as follows:

  • Reality series
  • Lifestyle
  • Branded content
  • Talks Shows
  • TV commercials
  • Travelogue
  • Magazine
  • Web content
  • Documentary
  • Corporate
  • Weddings
  • Event’s Organizer