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Life with us

If you are into pushing the limits in the world of creativity, you may be the right candidate for us. We treasure individuals with vibrant and innovative ideas that sum up the creativity game.


Work with us

We appreciate talents who have the drive to constantly meet deadlines. We will nurture your potentials and we will help you deliver your best to the clients and the organization.


The Apprentice

We nourish your growth and development as we believe hands-on training and experience are prerequisites to knowledge and career advancement.



We encourage and accept undergraduates in relevant disciplines to do internship with us and acquire knowledge and work experience as you go through your learning curves.

We offer a work environment where you will find yourself both, working dynamically and collaboratively with other like-minded individuals who share the same passion for their pursuit of excellence. Here at Manggis Group, we recognize that a nurturing and supportive environment is paramount for individuals to thrive and flourish so, we are always interested in receiving exciting and varied applications.

We’re looking for talented and enthusiastic people to become part of the Manggis Group team.

Simply submit your resume and we will be in touch.

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