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A.P Art Gallery

Art Collector & Space

A.P Art Gallery, set up in 1985, is a legacy of its founder, the late Rahime Harun, the former National Art Gallery director-general who was an art entrepreneur extraordinaire, art administrator, printmaker-artist, and writer.  The art gallery was revived after more than a decade of hiatus after Rahime’s passing in 2008. It is now managed by his daughter, Nazura Rahime, Manggis Group co-founder.

The gallery has organized a series of exhibitions, art workshops, art talks and knowledge-sharing sessions. Besides inheriting and owning a good collection of works by Malaysian art masters, the gallery is committed in assisting new and contemporary artists by exhibiting their works. Apart from these initiatives, the gallery is committed to act as a conduit to bridge communities in Klang Valley to appreciate art. It organizes talks and art workshops throughout the year.

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