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Destinasi TV

Street-smart travel and food reviews

This is a street-smart travel and food reviews company, anchored by British video blogger Rhys William who travels and reviews Malaysian food all over the country. What makes this online show interesting and novel, it is hosted in Bahasa Malaysia by a witty, larger-than-life persona and flamboyant Englishman who has brought food reviews to a unique new level. By any means, Destinasi TV is a video and content creator that posts online video series on food reviews, mostly on You Tube.

What started out as fun, hearty and convivial food reviews since its inception in 2017, Destinasi TV has made headway to become as one of the most influential key opinion leaders on delectable Malaysian gastronomy, both street food and haute cuisines. It now boasts a huge following of more than one million followers and subscribers.

Its segment, Mat Salleh Cari Makan  is one of the most popular food reviews online due to its novelty and uniqueness. The other segments The Nasi Lemak Show and Sembang Bros have also gained high popularity amongst its followers and subscribers.

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